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EC 31 Bakkie

A 2-seater electric bakkie with a range of up to 280km¹ and a large loadbay, capable of carrying 1020kg. Ready to boost your business's green credentials and save you money on a daily basis.


Charging the DFSK EC31 batteries will cost as little as R60.00¹, and will yield a travel distance of up to 300km¹. That’s only 20c per km! An indicator on the dashboard highlights the remaining battery capacity, so you can easily plan your charging requirements. Equipped with a CCS type2 charging port, the DFSKEC31 can conveniently be recharged at over 200 fast and rapid public charging points across SouthAfrica. With these rapid chargers, you can top up the battery from 0% to 80% in less than 60 minutes, yielding approximately 240km distance. Using a 7kW home charging point, a full charge will take about 6 hours.


Drivers of the DFSK EC31 benefit from a selection of modern driver comforts, including air conditioning, reversing camera and sensors, Bluetooth, DAB and Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®.



Designed with cargo capacity in mind, the 2-seater DFSK EC31 has a large cargo bay with a maximum payload of 1,020kg. The DFSK EC31 will be available either as a dropside bakkie or with a box body with loading volume of 6.7m³


The DFSK EC31 comes with a 3 year / 60,000km service plan & warranty, and the traction battery has an 5 year / 120,000km coverage. Maintenance required is minimal, done every 12 months / 20,000km.


To experience the DFSK EC31 for yourself, you can book a test drive. We do not operate dealerships, but you can request a test drive with delivery to your chosen address by hitting the button below.

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